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Lee Bailey - Owner and Main Photographer


So where to start with myself...

I first started photography from an early age in secondary school but its nothing like it is today. We had the old 35mm film which once you had done your photography you then developed in the dark room and so on, nowadays though we have these modern DSLR's which many people can use as the entry level camera have auto this and auto thats etc but as for me and many other PROFESSIONAL photographers its all about a manual love triangle but I wont go into details here as I don't want to bore you to much.

As in your younger years you try different things to see what career path you wish to take and I did several but leaving the photography behind (I now wish I never did), but I did take photography with me as a hobby. 

Some years later I had a really bad time in my life as most people do at some point and while I was seeing doctors etc I went back to the one thing I have always had a passion for and that of course was my photography. Going back to my photography was probably the best decision I have ever made in my 38 years of life.

So 6 years ago I decided to turn my passion into a career as having several issues with my spine my back is certainly not what it used to be and I have had to give up being an electrician which I also had a passion for. so to get my passion into a career I opened a basic website and a page on Facebook and got some bookings for weddings which I offered free of charge as I had to build up my portfolio and with that I got going and to bring us now up to present date where as I have had to split the Facebook pages and the small family business into Cheshire Elite Photography and Cheshire Elite Event Photography as I did not want everything getting jumbled up, so on the Cheshire Elite Photography page that is my main work which is really my true passion and that is weddings and I also use that page for my studio work which is very varied from baby photography to product photography and much more where as the Cheshire Elite Event Photography page is for as it says really EVENTS. I have covered quite a large spectrum from proms to 15,000 people festivals. I have had the chance of working for and along side some really big global artists and DJ's. Some to name are Lee Butler from Radio City and State and he also part of a team who organise events in the face of cancer called FACEvents who's motto is #raveagainst cancer and their name means Friends Against Cancer Events and raises money for The Bloom Appeal,  Paul Bleasdale from Cream and Bliss Radio who also is a supporter of FACEvents, Sweet Female Attitude, Platnum, 2FUNKY2 featuring Rachel Chambers, BIGBROVAZ, Whigfield, Mick Willow who supports FACEvents, Mark Armstrong who to supports Facevents, Mark Simon from State, K-Klass, Ian Redman from Ultrabeat, Ben Edwards from N-Trance  and many many more to name.


Phillippa Biggs - Second Photographer


Hi, as said above my name is Phillippa but I prefer Pip and I love all things Photography.

My passion and love for photography started from a young age and only grew the older I got. There isn't anywhere I wouldn't go without my camera by my side in case an opportunity for the perfect shot presents its self being from the most perfect sunset to a bird pf prey suddenly dropping and rushing to see where it landed etc.

I started out as a teenager buy as Lee has said a Nikon entry level DSLR which served me well until I fell in love with Canon also. I have upgraded my cameras several times going up the ladder as DSLR'r range from around £300 for Ann entry level to around the £2.5k - £5k mark for a professional one and im sure I will never be satisfied lol.

It is my passion to create memories of wonderful times for people to treasure forever. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and I completely agree. Please have a look at our gallery. Photos remind us of past memories and allows us to reminisce and tell a story over and aver again which it is so important to alway take as many images as you can as you could be capturing a family image where ass now their may be a certain image that a family member is no longer with you yet you have that perfect image froze in time, maybe to tell your friends or grandchildren and this is why I am a professional photographer.

Interacting with people and capturing wonderful moments I the thing I live for, maybe be candid or posed, smiling, crying etc, I want to capture the emotion and showcase a true story that is happening right in that moment.

I have worked for Cheshire Elite Photography for over two years and pretty much everything I know is down to Lee. He has given me the confidence and the courage to think on my own two feet and get those perfect shots. 

I love working for Cheshire Elite Photography and it is my perfect dream job from being a little girl which actually is my perfect in reality now.

Pip x

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